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The Now

In 2000, we purchased the Steve’s Cheese store and have been shipping the great cheese ever since. We are truly a family business and love to serve customers with the same pride Steve took in making cheese. Since purchasing the store our family has grown, we now have two children 17 and 13 who come to work with me every day in the summer and the school bus drops them off here after school.

We love coming from a small town where everyone knows the commitment we have to carry the finest cheeses from Wisconsin.

Several years ago we added to our family of businesses with my Parents opening an Antique Store connected to our building. We also decided to remodel our store inside and out so we hope you can make it to our neck of the woods someday and check it out. While here you will be able to sit and enjoy a glass of wine and sample some of Wisconsin’s finest.
We are still working with the factories the cheese always came from and can still ship to you!! Same great quality and taste, just may look a little different! We can’t wait to send you, your long time favorites with a new look!

To be continued…

Great News – Steve’s Cheese is still being labeled, and any of our statements to the contrary were in error. We are in discussions with the Steve’s cheese distributor, and if we can’t sell the cheese to you, we hope to point you in the right direction. More information to follow

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